Lakeville City Council candidate


Vote for a better tomorrow


Lakeville schools are a critical part of our community.  Not only do they serve the purpose for academic achievement, they also play a critical role in the development of a child.  Schools help build the foundation in children through mental and physical growth that foster a respect for differences in all of us to form a better sense of community.


The current health concerns of COVID-19 have caused a major disruption in school systems throughout the world.  The next one to two years will require well thought-out plans that protect the health and safety of student and school staff while still allow learning to continue, as well as other critical services such as meal programs, and social, physical, behavioral and mental health services.  While there may be no perfect plan, we must find a way to balance that allows for the protection of health and safety while continuing to support the educational growth of our children along with services provided through our school system.


As a city council member I would work to support the school board and administrators as we work through a solution.  I would work diligently to have everyone creatively think to develop a solution that finds that balance.  I would encourage action plans that are nimble so we can easily correct when a change of course is needed.  The health of our children as well as the health of our educational system are at a critical point right now.  As a city council member, I would work to keep that critical focus on our educational system as we work to find the right solution for our community.



Economic Development

Encouraging community revitalization and promoting economic opportunity are critical elements in ensuring a high quality of life in our community. It is essential to retain, attract and maintain the types of businesses that help our local economy grow.  A key role of the city government is to find ways to leverage incentives and assistance to promote the growth and betterment of our community, attract new businesses and encourage investment in existing local businesses.


As a local small business owner I understand the interdependencies of a business on the community and the community on the local businesses.  As a council member I would encourage the development of a strategy and plans that create economic and community development opportunities that serve businesses and the community.  My goal as a city council member would be to support the appropriate actions that support economic growth, create local jobs and foster a strong local business infrastructure.


Enjoyment - Quality of Life

Our environment is more that thinking just about physical aspects such as the containment of waste or the effects of chemicals.  We need to take our thinking beyond theses ecological and biological impacts on our environment.  In today’s world we need to broaden our thinking to include the impact of our environment on economic, social and cultural issues.  We need to make decisions based on what makes people feel safe, secure and comfortable in environment in which they live.


As a city council member my approach would to make decisions based on doing what is right, sustainable and creates a better experience for the citizens of Lakeville.  I feel it is the responsibility of city government to provide the leadership to establish high standards with regard to policies and services focused on the environment.  Plans that create a sustainable path that help achieve safe and healthy neighborhoods, foster economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Lakeville.



Resident enjoyment of a city is a key element when looking at the prosperity and vitality of a city.  When you think about the enjoyment people have in the city they live it is a reflection on the quality of life for those living within the city.  In order to find a success for it residents a city should provide access to quality education, a safe environment, good jobs, a growing economy and sound health care.


As a city council member, I would push for resilient and nimble programs that are the improve the quality of life for residents by attracting investment in the city, helping to make people feel safe and protected in their environment and improve the city through increasing the services available.  My focus would be on attracting business and increasing the well being of residents.


Key areas of focus I would push to enhance center around transportation, more green spaces that include parks and other recreational opportunities, city services that unite the sense of community and attracting local services that improve life for the residents of Lakeville.